Jan 2016 Munich Software develops IoT (Internet of Things) Connectors for ConneXSoft

Um In order to provide data from different automation systems to Internet of Things protals Munich Software develops IoT Connectors for ConneXSoft.

June 2015 Munich Software develops Device Integration DA Servers and Application Generators for Schneider Electric Machine Solutions

Munich Software integrates the Schneider Electric Machine Solutions PLC systems for the Wonderware System Platform via DA Servers / DI Objects and Application Genertors for automatic discovery and configuration.

July 2012 Munich Software develops the worldwide first BACnet B-OWS certified DA Server for ConneXSoft

The ConneXSoft BACnet Integration Package developed by Munich Software has been  awarded the BACnet Operator Workstation B-OWS certification from the WSP Lab, the European BACnet compliance test center.

Feb 2011 Munich Software extends Daimler Calendar Scheduler in Sindelfingen

Munich Software extends the Munich Software Calendar Scheduler Application Object at Daimler in Sindelfingen, Germany to enhance facilities management control.

Oct 2010 ConneXSoft introduces the Munich Software license mechanism to all CXS products.

ConneXSoft introduces the Munich Software license mechanism to all ConneXSoft DA Servers, DI Objects, Application-Objects and Applications.

June 2010 Munich Software develops an Intranet portal for the Porsche plant in Leipzig.

Munich Software develops an intranet portal for the internal communication at the Porsche Werk in Leipzig, Germany. The portal is based on the Internet Information Server and is capable of accessing real time data.

May 2010 Munich Software develops an Enterprise Calendar Scheduler for  ConneXSoft GmbH

Munich Software develops an Enterprise calendar scheduler object for ConneXSoft GmbH. This object is capable of executing a complex time and time variable based control logic.

April 2010 Munich Software develops SNMP integration for ConneXSoft GmbH.

Munich Software develops DA Server, DI objects and MiBs browser to integrate the SNMP Protokoll for ConneXSoft GmbH

August 2009 Munich Software integrates reflective Memory Boards into the Wonderware System Platform for SMS Siemag AG.

Munich Software integrates highspeed-communications through reflective memory boards for SMS Siemag AG. The implementation uses the newest Wonderware toolkits and provides DA Server and DI Objects.

August 2009 Munich Software develops a License-Manager and License-Base Objects for SMS Siemag AG.

Munich Software implements a license mechanism for SMS Siemag to protect their intellectual property, code and objects in the Wonderware System Platform.

Mai 2009 Munich Software develops a proprietary TCP/IP Server for SMS Siemag AG.

Munich Software develops an SMS Siemag specific TCP/IP protocol into the Wonderware System Platform using DA Server technology and DI objects for native integration.

Oct 1, 2008 Munich Software Productions transfers selected Software products (FMS - Facilities Management) and development efforts into the newly founded ConneXSoft GmbH

With immediate effect, Munich Software Productions has transferred selected Software products and development efforts into the newly founded

ConneXSoft GmbH
Oedenpullach Haus 1
D- 82041 Oberhaching
Phone:  +49  89 613866-50
Fax  +49 89 613866-59

ConneXSoft is based in Munich, Germany, and develops and supports communication and productivity tools for Industrial market leaders. ConneXSoft is expanding the former Munich Software Production portfolio to include Sales, Systems Consultancy and Technical Product Support.

ConneXSoft is a new company focussed around connectivity in Industrial Automation, in particular the Facilities and Energy management market with BACnet and i.LON connectivity and a new class of industry specific application generators, application objects and tools.

Michael Haedrich, sole proprietor of Munich Software Productions, has assumed Partner and Managing Director in charge of R&D in ConneXSoft.

ConneXSoft GmbH
Michael Haedrich, Managing Director R&D
Phone:  +49  89 613866-52
Fax +49 89 613866-59
Mobile: +49 172 9736602


Nov 14th  2007, Amsterdam - Munich Software and Echelon announce the integration of the i.Lon100 Smart Server into the Wonderware system plattform.

Munich Software and Echelon announce the integration of the
i.Lon100 Smart Server into the Wonderware system plattform on the LonWorld 2007 in Amsterdam. This software package significantly reduces the integration effort of the i.Lon100 into the Wonderware ArchestrA environment. Please read the press release:
Press Release PDF

MSP iLon Link

MSP iLon A2 integration package small

April 4, 2007 Munich Software releases the Schneider Electric Unity ArchestrA Application Generator V3.1

Munich Software releases a new version of the Schneider Electric  ArchestrA generator. This version features full automatic generation of ArchestrA templates based on SCoD definitionens in addition to object generation and configuration This enables users for the first time to export UAG applications without any manual interaction.


Munich Software exhibits as Expo partner on the WonderWorld 2007 September 25th/26th, 2007 in Cologne/Germany

Munich Software presents optimization potentials for system integrators and options for increased revenue in the integration process by using generic components for vertical markets.
Dipl. Phys. Michael Hädrich will demonstrate the extensibility of ArchestrA and the industrial application server.
To Wonderworld 2007)



May 5th, 2007 Munich Software delivers ArchestrA MSP Alarm Display System to Egger Austria

EGGER with over 5200 employees is one of the leading producers of wood based materials worldwide. Munich Software designed and developed the an ArchestrA based alarm display system driving Siebert displays. The Alarm system allows runtime configuration through dedicated InTouch controls.

The alarm group management, text attributes, priorities as wel as the network drivers for the alarm displays was implemented via ArchestrA objects.

All editors are localizable.



Feb. 2nd, 2007 Munich Software delivers ArchestrA based Calendar Scheduler objects for Daimler Chrysler

Munich Software developed and implemented a complex  Calendar Scheduler ArchestrA object for Daimler Chrysler to control the extensive building control system. The user can program and modify the schedule through dedicated InTouch controls.




Sept. 25th, 2006 Munich Software receives Wonderware certified ISV status

Munich Software qualified for the Wonderware certificate: certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor). All Munich Software products carry the highest quality logo : „Built on ArchestrA“.
In addition Munich Software is listed on the  ArchestrA community pages



May 2nd 2006 Munich Software develops an ArchestrA application objects license mechnism

Munich Software develops a universal license und source code protection for ArchestrA objects to enable system integrators and independant software vendors to protect their intellectual property on ArchestrA objects. This mechanism allows generating licenses that “travel with the object” and disables viewing or copying source code of application objects scripts.


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