• Application Generator Framework
    This technology allows you to integrate 3rd party system into the Wonderware System Platform
  • Application Objects
    Objects designed and developed for the Wonderware ArchestrA Technology (including domain specific and vertical markets)
  • DA Server
    Communication (OPC) - data acquisition server
  • WebService Integrations Framework to natively integrate WebServices/SOAP/RPC XML



  • Object - Development
    You intend to develop automation objects but you lack development resources. Or your team is not experienced with the ArchestrA toolkit?
    We solve your development issues.
  • Development Coaching
    You develop the software, but you need help in the ArchestrA environment.
    We will coach your development team.
  • Communikation-Development
    You integrate device, but you don’t have an OPC or DAS Server.
    We develope device integration modules for you.
  • Configurations-Import-Modules
    You are using a programming or configuration environment but you need to import or synchronize the data with ArchestrA.
    We generate Interface modules for you.
  • RPMKit-Protocols
    You need a cost effective solution to connect you devices or controller in a generic way using Wonderware’s Rapidkit protocol modeler. Let the inventors of the RPM toolkit generate the protocols and/or the extension libraries for you.

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